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Grainmarket provides a range of asset-backed debt solutions to owners and sponsors of commercial real estate who require a tailored approach to loan structuring and underwriting.

Our investment DNA allows us to look at each opportunity through the eyes of the sponsor and structure loans to facilitate business plan execution and value creation.

We prefer transitional assets or locations with repositioning or redevelopment opportunities. 

Typical Debt Terms

  • Loan Size:  £1m – £30m
  • Purpose:  Acquisition, refinance, redevelopment/capex
  • Loan to Value:  Up to 85% (excluding interest and fees)
  • Loan to Cost:  Up to 90% (excluding interest and fees)
  • Term:  1-4 years
  • Product:   Unitranche, mezzanine and bridge loans
  • Property Type: Office, mixed-use, residential, student housing, and selectively other asset classes

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